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September 2023 Stock Competition Entries!

September Tipping Competition so far, at the end of the 2nd Full Week.

is down -1.26% so far this month but the ASF Team Average is doing OK and is up 1.84%. A rough month so far but today's up day has helped some of the Tips.

1st Place: @noirua BUX 46.67% is holding up well and remains at the same level he was last Friday night :xyxthumbs. In a good place but a few other are slowly catching up.

2nd Place: @bux2000 BOE 29.11% the last couple of days has lifted @bux2000 into 2nd place and is going strong :xyxthumbs.

3rd Place: @debtfree ALA 24.19% is doing the slow and steady thing but need to do better in the 2nd half of the month to take the Top prize :xyxthumbs.

@Ibza ASN 18.52% in 4th is sitting at the highest close of last week, is there more upside? I bet @Ibza says yes ;).
@Garpal Gumnut PEN 15.38% in 5th has finally made a move over the last couple of days, some good volume so let's keep our fingers crossed for him.
Quite a few just behind them waiting for their chance, plenty of time left.

Good luck for next week and don't forget to enjoy your weekend Folks :).

Screenshot 2023-09-15 171631.png

I first posted on this thread in January 2014 when the new graphite find was announced.
Buxton finds highest grade graphite resource ever in Australia:
It is not far short of ten years ago that Buxton found its first graphite so it has been a long haul. It is worthwhile looking at this now aged announcement as it showed then the great prospects for Yalbra. A bit like planting small apple and pear trees it takes a long time 'till they bear fruit.
So it's Copper Wolf, Yalbra, and Double Magic at present to the fore but several more prospects on the horizon. Assay results are due from Yalbra any day now and Copper Wolf a bit later. Double Magic was the original nickel darling that was held up but exploration is underway again funded 100% by IGO. Copper Wolf is an over 600 metre find awaiting assays.