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Re: STX observers

are you still watching stx markor?

Should be some results out very soon, has recovered from a big dive today after some stop losses were hit.
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WARNING: ..... astrostuff ahead ..... :)

Hi folks,

STX ..... halfway through current well
and share price is set in cement ..... :)

Key dates ahead:

21112005 ..... minor

24-28112005 ..... significant and negative
pullback to test lows???

29112005 ..... significant and positive

19122005 ..... significant and positive news ???

28122005 ..... minor

09012006 ..... minor

19-26012006 ..... significant and positive ???

27012006 ..... 2 cycles - significant and negative.

08-20022006 ..... significant flat(down?) period,
with news expected on 13022006 ...???

24-27022006 ..... minor

02-03032006 ..... sharp positive move???, then flat for
a few days .... 4 cycles intersect here.

13032006 ..... significant and negative ... finances???

27032006 ..... significant and positive

12042006 ..... minor

21042006 ..... significant and positive news

25-26042006 ..... minor

27042006 ..... significant and negative ???

happy days


Re: STX observers

Yogi can't you just plot those dates to aline with drill results.... still a doubter :/

STX just released some great results.. with more to come very soon. should be a lot higher imo, hoping for a bullish candle on close that will trigger the breakout sniffers
Re: STX observers


Hi folks,

STX ..... as per post above on 21112005, positive development news comes in, right on time ..... :)

" 19122005 ..... significant and positive news ???"

happy days


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hmm not sure about yogi's stuff.. but i'm in at 16.. more news to come should keep the interest in this one specially if we get gas shows in webernick.

always an element of risk, but the first succesful well (still to get flow rates) hasn't been completely factored in, market is finally moving with a very nice looking break out on close yesterday.. feels extremely bullish to me..

lovely charts


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Re: STX observers

I've been picking this stock for the asf comp. Now it's finally moving after I didnt enter this month :|
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STX is 20% owned by PEM which also has been making good grounds lately. I hold both so if STX does good so does PEM. Lets hope so, STX is very high risk in my book but it is looking good, this could be a real flyer next year. Its certainly worth spending some time researching STX and certainly for traders there is a few bob to be made too.
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In between 12.5 and 13.0 on the gap up and out today at about 18.5 as I didn't feel comfortable holding over the weekend. One of my most profitable trades this year on a $ per day basis.

Now I'm out, watch for it to power to record highs next week!
Re: STX observers

Thats a good trade and a safe time to exit i would think..
I suspect everyone is waiting for gas shows from webernick STX will likely lose a few cents if thier is none.. gas shows in webernick will move it nicely though but market was slow to react to the first one.. so probably easy to be out and just jump back in if news is good

short term guesstimates
25/26c on gas shows at webernick
30/35c if weber is reported as a commercial find,,
40/50c on solid flow rates from both wellls..

If all that happens 75c/1$ by april..
IF weber is a duster back down to 16c good flow rates on the first discovery should have it over 20c at the end of jan though.

immediate production planned by march

I hope i'm being pretty conservative as opposed to wishful thinking, we will see :)
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STX closed today at 0.225. There were 3 price sensitive company announcement made today. First one advised of gas shows at Webernick No 1 well in Texas. The second announcement was about acquiring new prospects in Colorado. And the last announcement for today was for a TRADING HALT.

A positive announcement later followed by a request for trading halt, must be something big (fingers crossed).

What are your thoughts?

Re: STX observers

I think we might see a capital raising..
Company mentioned in an early ann that they were exploring financing options for the commercialisation shefic(spelling?) well..

Noone could get anything out of the company on the phone? One claimed they were told ann would be out tommorow..

Would think it would be to early for flow rates on the first well.. possibly webernick is commercial but they didn't want to risk leaks untill they had got enough information to present to the market..? but i doubt it since they were still drilling through targets.. capital raising most likely.. depending on the price i don't think it will be that bad given that it will take away the funding uncertainty that might have been keeping some out of the stock..

I thought it would have run a bit more on gas shows at weber but there were a few sellers who might have known a placement was coming..

Not sure about the timing think if it is a placement could have been better..
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Oilers don't go broke, they just issue more shares.

What better time to do it than when you're FPO's have just doubled? Surely the long term shareholders would be upset if they didn't take this opportunity to get some more funding to finance more drilling!
Re: STX observers

talk of 18c placement..

would have preferred it a little higher
migth flush out a few sellers but should be alright
might put some confidence into it since the financing may of been keeping some out..
Re: STX observers

Would be feeling like a bit of a goose if you were in the panic sell on open.. apparently the placement dissapeared very quick with enough wanting in to do another one :/

director buys at 22c today 33 000$ worth..

next week it should all happen with some flow rates and we should also know some more about webernick?
Re: STX observers

tarnor said:
Would be feeling like a bit of a goose if you were in the panic sell on open.. apparently the placement dissapeared very quick with enough wanting in to do another one :/

director buys at 22c today 33 000$ worth..

next week it should all happen with some flow rates and we should also know some more about webernick?


Still holding on. The placement was gone in a flash. It's a good sign when a director is buying more shares in the company. Hope the lost circulation encountered on the well and mentioned in today's announcement is not significant to affect its prospect.

Re: STX observers

Hi! i'm not so sure about the lost circulation but did find a few articles that said it was common in the gulf wells..

Still looks and feels very bullish, if it makes it thru the 25/26 mark i expect it to quickly be trading in the high 20's of course we will need good news next week, so thier still an element of risk but feels like very good odds..

was also curious as whether the director buying migth put it up on the inside traders radar since director buys are key part of thier reccomendations...

best of luck cheers!
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A few profit takers late this afternoon but still finished up at $0.24cents still holding, share your sentiments of high 20's, what a way to start the year.
Re: STX observers

How about a chart .....


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Re: STX - Strike Oil

an interim report released this afternoon on the update of the production testing on the sheffcik 1 well has driven the sp up as high as $0.28 and an another update is expected to be on the way pretty soon as well.

so, it will be an exciting week ahead for STX indeed. :)

any comment here?