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will give it a try

i have 4 rivals on already , but is educational to see which blocks/removes what ( the Windows Defender completely misses )

SpywareBlaster does do several other things though they are probably less useful than in the early days when memory was deficient. It bailed me out several times from 2000 to 2010 in the recovery option. It is safe.
Another useful program is IObit.
Some parts are free and I've found the uninstaller to be fantastic. At times some programs are very stubborn to uninstall completely including a few Browsers. IObit has always succeeded easily as it mops up the bits remaining that slow the computer.
I have found it is best to delete it after use as they keep sending reminders.
I am too old to complain and despite being here 18 years I still do not know how things work at ASF. I use 9 different browsers and at the moment CCleaner browser is very fast indeed for ASF from the UK - posting on ASF is as fast as lightning. If I have several browsers on the go and loads of tabs in use my computer slows down a lot. Maybe as I'm posting at 13:25 BST+1 that could be helping.
14 years for me !!!
How time flies !!!
During Mr. Powell's speech last night the internet stopped working for about fifteen minutes. I use a VPN and in retrospect it may have been overloaded. I should have turned it off to check.

It may be worthwhile @Dona Ferentes , @wayneL and @Joe Blow considering the VPN when you have problems. I had some difficulty with transferring money once on NAB and turning the VPN off fixed it.

The site is running super slow for me @Joe Blow and sometimes page not loading or only partially loading.

Just me or anyone else?
i was having issues( but not exclusively on ASF )

i was blaming my ISP and the fact it is Micro$oft update day ( very often a difficult day )

in fact i am still trying to find the broken bits left by the updates

troubles yes but on some other sites as well ( but not every site )
I don't mind links if there's an accompanying comment. This is just forum abuse.
If @Joe Blow has an arrangement to send traffic to either LinkedIn or Market-open then it should be clearly stated before this serial abuse started.