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HSN - Hansen Technologies

27 June 2010
Hansen Technologies Limited (HSN) is involved in the development, integration and support of billing systems software for the telecommunications and utilities industries. HSN also offers IT outsourcing services and the development of other specific software applications. HSN has offices in Australia, USA, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
This company has been on my watch list for quite some time. It disappointed the market last week with its announcement of a negative revision to its financial outlook. Like most IT companies it has experienced a very soft 13 fist half.

Over the last year the share price has rolled over as EPS contracted last year and looks set to contract this year too. That said, dividends are forecast to remain stable. It is a very stable dividend payer and EPS are forecast to be adequate to cover dividends while cash flow should remain positive.

Billing software, which HSN specialize in, is a fairly defensive market. Utilities tend to bed down and stick to their billing systems. Growth in smart metering should provide potential market growth for HSN amongst utilities in the medium to long term.

I believe this stock could be undervalued by the market and will keep watching for a turn around in share price and positive momentum.
This company is still on my watch list. The share price seems to be consolidating. They have recently made a rather small acquisition.

I am wondering if anyone is following this company? I would like to know to what extent they rely on Telstra for revenue - what is Telstra's share of total revenue?

Can't find any brokers who are covering the stock. I might have to call their investor relations and ask them directly.
I am going through the detail of this company. And I am trying to find its competitors information. But I couldn't find any. Seems this company has very unique products. This company has business in Asia, America, Europe. I think there must be competitors out there, but I just couldn't find any...
No discussion on this amazing run! bought in at just above 1.8 in December, upwards guidance hopefully means a big profit announcement :)
No discussion on this amazing run! bought in at just above 1.8 in December, upwards guidance hopefully means a big profit announcement :)

Well done.

HSN presented a classic buy signal by my methods early February around $1.75. Can't explain how I missed it :cry:


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It was on my watchlist, and then I ran a full analysis - which means it had got to the point where I was considering buying, by my notes at $1.81

I ended up buying DWS instead, purely because the numbers were more compelling and my calculated IV was lower than the market price, unlike HSN. Looks like I picked the wrong horse!
Still holding, looking to close strongly on some big volume and another possible break out again. Some big buying into weakness today. :)
HSN was thumped hard (-27%) after a disappointing trading update (decrease EBITDA margin). This selling dropped the price to the bottom of a two year price channel (see wkly chart).

Today's bullish bar has created a minor BO-NH off a clear support level. This is a tempting reversal setup for me. I read the disappointing news release and my interpretation* of the news is that this business setback is temporary.


* Always be wary of a chartist trying to interpret FA reports.
HSN reported good numbers (17/8/18) and demand picked up. This reversal trade has started well and now it's time to consider adding to the position (before XD).

Hansen Technologies up 19.16% to $3.67 today following yesterday's announcement that HSN is acquiring Sigma Systems, a leading global provider of catalog-driven software products for telecommunications, media, and high-tech companies.

It is being acquired for an enterprise value of C$157.0 million (A$166.2 million) – which equates to an EV/EBITDA acquisition multiple of 8.3 times calendar year 2018 (CY18) normalised EBITDA and is being funded from a new bank debt facility of A$225 million underwritten by RBC Capital Markets.

Looks like the bottom is probably in for HSN.


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Well, if the bottom is in, I'd better buy some. HSN has been stuck in a huge sideways channel for over two years. If price makes it to the top of the channel will it continue higher? I'm using this narrow sideways consolidation as an acceptable R:R setup.

The last setup produce a losing trade as price fell back to the bottom of this large corrective pattern. I've shown a monthly chart on the left. This chart shows the 3yr impulsive move up ($1 to $4.60) and the 4yr large corrective pattern. The best risk:reward price to buy was near the bottom of this pattern.

Can price breakout of this corrective pattern? Has the next impulsive price move already started?
The latest swing up co-incided with the release of the yearly results. The good news pushing price quickly higher. Since the good news, price has traded sideways in a narrow range with reducing volume. This range creates an acceptable RR setup for me. The initial target is the old high at 4.80.

Looks like a good stock to be going in and out of, buy on a low, wait, sell higher, for the more patient.